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Family Law
Success stories

Our successful court cases

  • In a family dispute in Superior Court, Family Division, involving child custody and parental alienation on the part of a parent, Mtre Nguyen won shared custody for her client despite the child’s strict refusal to see his parent.
  • In another family custody dispute before the Superior Court, Family Division, Mtre Vivan Nguyen succeeded in suspending contact with a parent in an emergency situation of severe abuse, while social services assessed the situation.
  • In a dispute in which the other parent refused to allow the child to continue his sport, Mtre Nguyen succeeded in keeping the child enrolled in his sports program at her client’s request.
  • More recently, Mtre Nguyen obtained a divorce judgement in which she settled all outstanding issues before trial, much to her client’s relief.
  • In another case, Mtre Nguyen negotiated a provision for costs in order to obtain a fair trial and in the best interests of the child.
  • In one safeguard court order, Mtre Nguyen restored each of the parental rights of a parent, who was finally reunited with his child.
  • In another safeguard court order, Mtre Nguyen obtained a prohibition of contact following highly inappropriate behaviour by a parent. The children have been preserved ever since.
  • In a case where the parent’s work schedule required special shared custody arrangements, Mtre Nguyen succeeded in deviating from the usual shared custody arrangements to her client’s benefit.
  • Vivan Nguyen’s practice focuses on child custody, withdrawal of parental authority, withdrawal of attributes of parental authority, establishing child support, suspension and cancellation of child support, health care authorization, travel authorization and passport renewal, school registration, activity registration, special fees and other child-related disputes.